Storm Katie: Round-Up of the Devastation

By James O Malley on at

Britain collectively didn't get much sleep last night, as what the Met Office calls Storm Katie rattled windows in large swathes of the country. With gusts of up to 105mph, bridges have been closed and flights have been diverted - according to the BBC, 24 flights to Gatwick have so far been sent elsewhere, and it appears we can expect more of the same for the next few hours at least.


As the country woke up, the first pictures of the devastation have started to appear on social media. Here's a round-up of the most notable scenes of devastation.

This bird table was knocked over in Bristol:


This tree had a close encounter with a car in Hackney:


And in Brighton, this tree is reclaiming the city for mother nature.


In a visual metaphor for the folly of man's attempts to control nature, this flowerpot was sent tumbling:


This bin is now battling against the odds but refuses to give up.


Britain will bounce back from this terrible storm.


Holy smokes, this fallen chimney could have been genuinely dangerous.


There have been allegations made (by me) that these chairs were not victims of the storm, but were poisoned by the one that remains standing.


Say what you will about Storm Katie, but when it comes to forming opinions about it, it is impossible to sit on the fence.