That Amazing House-In-A-Cliff Concept? They're Actually Going To Build It

By Gizmodo Australia on at

We see insane architectural concepts all the time, but they’re almost never given life, destined to remain as sketches in a designer’s portfolio. Not so in the case of “Casa Brutale”, the cliff-embedded dwelling we saw last year. Turns out someone is really going to build the thing.

According to a story over on Designboom, the Netherlands / Greece-based Open Platform for Architecture (OPA), with the help of engineering firm ARUP, plans to construct Casa Brutale just outside of Beirut. Specifically, the mountains of the Faqra region, at an altitude of around 1600m.

The cost of the project is estimated at $2.5 million, which includes bumping the original design from 180m² to 270m². The increase in size is thanks to the addition of a second bedroom, mezzanine and underground parking.

It’s been described elsewhere as the perfect hideaway for a James Bond-style villain. I tried to come up with a better analogy and failed miserably. I wonder how much sharks with laser beams would add to the cost?


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