The Best Deadpool Comics

By Tom Pritchard on at

After being stuck in development hell for far too long, Deadpool finally arrived in the cinemas earlier this year. Mavel's Merc-With-A-Mouth finally got himself a cinematic adaptation worthy of the character as he appears on the page.

Deadpool has proven himself to be an incredibly popular character over the years, and whether you plan on seeing the film or not a lot of his comics are still brilliant reads. Here are the best Deadpool Comics from the character's 25-year history.

Best Deadpool Comics

Uncanny X-Force

One of the best comic runs in recent history, Uncanny X-Force has Deadpool as a member of elite mutant striketeam X-Force. Not being a mutant, Deadpool is the 'token human' on the team. X-Force is there to take out threats to mutants before they can strike, including a clone of the genocidal Apocalypse. Not only do you get to see some Deadpool antics, you also get to see a brand new side of him. His moral side, and slightly gross events that show how much he cares about his team mates.

There is a lot of Apocalypse-related mythos here, which means not only is this essential Deadpool reading it's also worth reading before X-Men: Apocalypse arrives on cinema screens later this year. [Buy it here]

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Personally, of the stuff I've read, this is the best solo Deadpool arc I've read. Well, it's not really solo because he's teamed up with Captain America and Wolverine. Still, it's fantastic and emphasises just how dark and tragic Deadpool's really is. It also attempts to explain why there have been some discrepancies with Deadpool's origin story over the years..

The story is that the remnants of Weapon Plus, the programme controlled the Wolverine-producing Weapon X, have set up shop in North Korea in an attempt to continue trying to imprint mutant superpowers on regular humans. Problem is they kidnapped three of Weapon Plus's most famous alumi: Deadpool, Wolverine, and Captain America. Big mistake. [Buy it here]

Deadpool: Dark Reign

In the comics this story focuses on Norman Osborn (who was once the Green Goblin) taking over a SHIELD replacement organisation called HAMMER, despite being a super villain. Part of that stemmed from the fact he stole valuable intel from Deadpool and Nick Fury, and he can't have that fact getting out. So he sends a variety of mercenaries to kill him, including Deadpool's friend Bullseye.

This also has one of the best Deadpool moments, involving an SUV and a rocket launcher. You'll know it when you see it. [Buy it here]

Deadpool Classic Vol 1

2016 also happens to be Deadpool's 25th anniversary, and so it's the ideal time to revisit his origins. Not his actual origin story (that's rather messy), but the first set of stories he first appeared in.  The first volume of Deadpool Classic has Deadpool's early years, including his first appearance in New Mutants #98, The Circle Chase, the critically acclaimed Sins of the Past, and the first issue of his very own ongoing series in 1997. The early stuff is a bit iffy, since some of it was before Deadpool was a fully-formed character. Still, it's essential reading. [Buy it here]

Cable & Deadpool

Cable and Deadpool are long-time frenemies, to the point where they were given their very own series. Cue lots of bickering, guns, violence, and a tie-in to the original Civil War event. Cable may not be in the Deadpool movie, but word is he's going to be in a sequel. Make sure you get your revision done in time. It also has a single panel that had fans (and Ryan Reynolds) demand that Ryan Reynolds play the part in the movie. [Buy it here]

Deadpool Killogy

The Deadpool Killogy is actually a collection of three different miniseries, but they're all pretty fantastic and interlinked so you should read the lot. First up is Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, which features an alternate reality version of the character going crazy and slaughtering the entire planet. That's right, every single person on Earth. It's easy when you can't be killed!

Following on is Deadpool Killustrated, which has that same Deadpool delving into the realm of fiction to kill fictional characters for... some reason. The series is rounded off by Deadpool Kills Deadpool, which (surprise, surprise) features that same Deadpool trying to wipe out every single iteration of Deadpool in the Marvel Multiverse. Obviously mainstream Deadpool has something to say about that.

You can buy all three, along with Night of the Living Deadpool (Deadpool in the zombie apocalypse) and Deadpool vs Carnage, in a single collected edition. [Buy it here]

Deadpool Corps

Everyone has a super team in Marvel, even Deadpool. He may have only just joined the roster of Captain America's Uncanny Avengers, but back in the day he only had the Deadpool Corps - a team comprised of alternate realities of Deadpool. Plus some random alien warlord who got conned into joining. Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, Kidpool, and the zombie Headpool have to join forces to save the universe from the evil "The Awareness". Can Deadpool work with himself? Probably not... [Buy it here]

Deadpool: Paws

Just a warning: this isn't a comic, it's a book. All words and no pictures. Deadpool isn't always a hero, and even though he tries to do the right thing he has no qualms about killing people. Heck, he even killed someone for saying Hayden Christensen was an amazing actor and that the Star Wars prequels were better.

Actually, that's a bad example. That guy obviously deserved it.

Anyway, in the book Deadpool is faced with puppies that keep turning into savage monsters. Suddenly he's a bit more conflicted. They're puppies for crying out loud! [Buy it here]

Wolverine Origins - Deadpool

Everyone knows that Deadpool's origin is linked to the origin of Wolverine, but how? Wolverine Origins is a pretty hefty tale, but this volume includes the Merc With a Mouth himself. Considering that this is technically a Wolverine comic, and the fact that Deadpool's origin is pretty brutal and incredibly tragic, don't expect a whole bundle of laughs. [Buy it here]

Deadpool: Dead Presidents

A rogue necromancer brought former US presidents back from the dead, but accidentally brought them back as zombies. SHIELD needs to deal with it, but they admit they can't have footage of Captain America beating up George Washington appearing on the news. So they hire Deadpool, who is more than happy to help. He's also joined by the ghost of Ben Franklin who, like the real Franklin, is a massive pervert. [Buy it here]