The Best Gifts to Prepare for Batman v Superman

By Tom Pritchard on at

For the first time in history, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight are together on the silver screen, in live action. It's an exciting time to be a comic fan, even if the film is a bit iffy. To celebrate, let's take a look at a bunch of cool swag you can buy yourselves to prepare for a trip to the cinema. We've got comics, toys, clothes, video games, and, of course, movies. Enjoy.

Injustice Gods Among Us Volume 1, £11

One of the key plot points of Batman V Superman (divulged in many of the trailers) is that Batman doesn't trust a being as powerful as Superman not to go rogue. But what would happen if he did? What would happen if Superman went totalitarianistic on the world? That's exactly what happens in Injustice, the superb comic prequel to the video game.

For reasons I won't spoil, Superman flips and declares that the world will run his way or face the consequences. Batman declares that it's not up to heroes to play judge, jury, and executioner. The superhero community then splits down the middle, thanks to differing opinions on how the world should be kept safe. Just be aware, Injustice has been going on for a while and has entered its fifth and final year fairly recently. [Buy it here]

The Death of Superman, £7

The trailers kind of spoiled the fact that Doomsday is going to be in Batman V Superman, although we don't know how it will end yet (obviously, unless you've seen the film). But before you turn up, you might want to do some background reading on the hulking scaled beast. Spoiler: The first time Doomsday and the Man of Steel butted heads in the comics didn't turn out so well for the man in the red trunks or Metropolis.

You can also buy an animated adaptation of the story, in case reading isn't your thing. [Buy it here]

The Dark Knight Returns, £10.49

Frank Miller's stand-alone story is one of the inspirations for Batman v Superman, with Batman's power armour being ripped straight from the pages. It follows a much older Batman who retired after losing Jason Todd's Robin in an unnamed incident. He ends up coming back into action to rescue Gotham from a terrorist plot from Two-face and the terror of a gang known as The Mutants. In the process he's forced to face The Joker, and Superman himself.

It's also available as a two-part animated film featuring Robocop's Peter Weller as Bruce Wayne. [Buy it here]

Trinity, from £8

Batman v Superman is the first time DC's trinity of heroes has appeared on the big screen, but have you ever wondered how they met in the comics? In the current continuity, it happened in this tale. The three reluctantly joined forces to battle Ra's Al Ghul, Bizarro, and a rogue Amazonian who are attempting to take out the world's satellites and oil reserves. The problem is, they heroes don't like to play together. [Buy it here]

Lego Rooftop Fight, £14

It's the bit of the film everyone wants to see, and it's been immortalised in Lego form. This mini set comes with armoured Batman, the Bat signal, Superman, a bit of rooftop, and kryptonite. So you can display the clash of the titans in your home, or play with it. [Buy it here]

Man of Steel Blu-ray, £7.38

The producers insist Batman v Superman is not Man of Steel 2, but let's be honest it totally is. Before you head off to see Battfleck go to war, make sure you see why. The film all focusses on Clark Kent's origin story, chronicling the last days f Krypton all the way to him taking up the cake as Earth's saviour. And then blowing the every-loving fuck out of an entire city. [Buy it here]

The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray, £15

From a film perspective, Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale did some magical things with Batman. The world still cringes at the horrors of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, but the new trilogy turned that around and re-introduced mainstream audiences to a darker camp-free Batman. Heath Ledger's stellar performance as the Joker also makes him the only actor to win an Oscar for an appearance in a superhero film. [Buy it here]

Superman 5 Film Collection Blu-ray, £15

Superman has had a long history on film, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This box set might not have Man of Steel, but it does have all four Christopher Reeve movies (plus the Richard Donner cut of Superman 2) and 2006's Superman Returns. So before you see the Man of Steel go toe to toe with the Dark Knight on screen, make sure to see him go up against Lex Luthor four or five times, Nuclear Man, Richard Pryor, and the better of film's two General Zods. [Buy it here]

Batman: Arkham Knight, from £24

The Arkham games are by far the best Batman games out there, and Arkham Knight brings the series to its conclusion. Scarecrow has teamed up with a bunch of villains, and forced the residents of Gotham to evacuate. It's up to Batman and co to put an end to his plans, and prevent the mysterious Arkham Knight from taking over. You can also get hold of Arkham Origins, Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City. [Buy it here]

Superman Logo T-Shirt, from £7.34

Now anyone can pretend to be the Man of Steel, even if you're just planning on slobbing around on the sofa, with the symbol of the House of El adorning their chest. Just don't go around trying to fight crime, because it won't make you bullet-proof. [Buy it here]