The Best Nintendo 3DS Accessories

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's been around for a few years, but Nintendo's 3DS is still going strong. Whether you're in it for the Pokémon, games from classic Nintendo consoles, Mario, Zelda, or the many other Nintendo IPs out there, it's a fantastic little gaming device to have.

It doesn't matter if you've got a first-gen 3DS, 2DS, or 3DS XL – you probably want to jazz things up with some accessories. Here are the best Nintendo 3DS accessories you can get your hands on.

Action Replay Power Saves, £13.11

Do you miss the days of cheat codes and discs that would help you get cool stuff in your games? Who wouldn't want infinite lives, easy access to items, and so on? Well those days are still about on the 3DS, and this Action Replay will let you unlock hundreds of cheats for a huge number of 3DS games. You'll need a PC to sort it out, but all you need to do is pop in a game and decide what cheats you want to unlock. [Buy it here]

Zelda Pouch Kit, £14

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

Nintendo and Zelda are inseparable, and if you want to show off your love for the franchise you need to get this Hyrule-patterned pouch to keep your handheld in. It's made of faux brown leather, has a belt loop, comes with two styluses (styled after Link's sword and shield), room for two games, a cleaning cloth, and a Hyrule-map sticker. [Buy it here]

Charging Cable, £7

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

It may have been an attempt to help save the environment, or something more cynical, but Nintendo annoyingly hasn't supplied a charger with every Nintendo 3DS model, assuming you'll already have a compatible last-gen DS one knocking around. Baffling, I know. But, unless you're buying the 2DS you have to get one for yourself. [Buy it here]

Charging Cradle, £7/£13

If you want a nicer way to charge up your portable game box, one that doesn't involve a huge wire getting tangled, give this a try. Just slap your New 3DS into place, and it'll charge just like normal. It doesn't come with a cable though (classic Nintendo), so make sure you have one handy. [Buy it for New 3DS here | Buy it for New 3DS XL here]

NFC Reader/Writer, £16

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

If you're still rocking the old 3DS or the 2DS, you'll know that NFC isn't included. So, how are you supposed to use your amiibo figures in-game if you don't have it? With this little gizmo. It wirelessly connects to your 3/2DS, and just like that you can use your amiibo figures/cards in all the relevant games, unlocking yourself cool things along the way. [Buy it here]

5000 mAh Replacement Battery, £13

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

The battery life in the 3DS isn't great, so if you're comfortable poking around the insides you can throw in a bigger battery (it's fairly simple to do). This battery has a 5000 mAh capacity, which is actually bigger than 99% of smartphones. That way you'll be playing for hours. [Buy it here]

PowerA Rechargeable Battery Case, £5

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

Unlike the good old days of the GameBoy, you can't just slap in some new batteries when you run out of juice. You could swap out the internal battery for something bigger (like the one above), or try and hover around a plug socket. Or you could buy this case. It adds an extra 1500 mAh of power to your gaming (for an overall total of 2875 mAh), and since it's a case it adds some extra protection. It's easy to transport as a result, too. It's also not going to ruin your bank balance in the process. Just a fiver! [Buy it here]

3DS/3DS XL Circle Pad Pro, £9/£12

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

Some games don't really work with the single analogue stick and D-pad combo, and while the newer 3DS XL models have the little knob to compensate, you won't be so lucky if you've an older version of the console. So this add-on gives you an extra stick to play with, along with trigger buttons for a more console-controller-like experience. Just remember to get the right one, and that this isn't available (or needed) for the newer models. [Buy it for 3DS here | Buy it for 3DS XL here]

Controller Grip, from £4

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

As great as it is in many areas, ergonomics are not the 3DS's strong suit. If you want a more comfortable experience, or something more akin to a Wii Pro controller, give a grip a try. You can get one similar to this for the new 3DS, the new 3DS XL, the old 3DS, the old 3DS XL, and the 2DS.

Hard Shell Case, £3-£6

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

Gadgets are delicate, and while the 3DS is hardier than, say, an iPhone, it can't really handle much torture. So give it a bit of extra protection with a nice basic hard shell. You can get one for the 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL, new 3DS, and new 3DS XL.

3DS XL Case with 24 Game Slots, £32.06

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

If you're got yourself a fairly sizeable collection of 3DS games that you play on a regular basis, you will need somewhere to keep all those games. You might also need a case for safely transporting your handheld out in the big bad world. Most cases that hold consoles only have room for a few games, but this beauty holds up to 24 cartridges at any given time. These are also made to order, so you get a bit of choice in customisation. [Buy it here]

48 Slot Game Case, £28.50

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

So 24 games isn't enough. You don't need room for the console, you just need room for your big collection of games. Well try this case out for size, with room for 48 3DS cartridges. No room for the console itself, but if you must have all your favourite games on hand then this will do nicely. Also, being made to order, you get some extra customisation options. [Buy it here]


Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

Unless you bought a special edition version, the 3DS is a rather boring looking device. So you should definitely spruce things up a bit by purchasing yourself some sticky decals. There are countless designs to choose from, but here are a few I think are interesting. The four original Pokemon games, Zelda: The Wind Waker-inspired art, the SNES, Kirby, Majora's Mask, Zelda's Triforce, Raichu, Doctor Who's Tardis, Mario's Bobomb, this adorable Pikachu, Super Smash Bros, 8-bit Nintendo sprites, and Mario himself.

Face Plates

Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

If you're rubbish with stickers, and you have one of the new 3DS systems, you can also customise your handheld with decorative face plates. Some good looking examples include, 8-bit Nintendo sprites, the original Pokédex, Eveelutions, Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, wood-effect Mario, Xenoblade, Monster Hunter, and a Game & Watch-style plate that also doubles as a digital clock.


Best Nintendo 3DS Acessories

Another purely decorative accessory you can opt for are charms, to attach to the console itself or onto your stylus. These are easily the most abundant bits you can get your hands on if you want to jazz things up, and here are a few great looking choices you can get your hands on: a pokéball, Animal Crossing characters, a fuzzy pokéball, various features from the Super Mario games, Mario and Yoshi, Zelda's  Navi, Monster Hunter monstersand the Super Smash Bros  emblem. Don't worry if your favourite character isn't here, you'll be able to find it no problem. There are literally thousands of different charms you can get your hands on.