The Cheapest Place to Buy The Division on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Tom Clancy's The Division went on sale this morning, rendering people up and down the country incapable of working, due to mysterious, symptom-less illnesses. The highly-rated RPG shooter isn't the cheapest of titles on the market, with a launch price of £40 on PC and £42 on consoles.

Fortunately, a handful of retailers are ignoring the RRP and dishing up some tasty deals. Whether you're a PS4, Xbox One or PC gamer, here are the cheapest places to buy The Division.

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The Division for PC

By far the best offer we've seen for PC gamers is GamesPlanet’s. It's got The Division up for just £29.99, so you'll need to move quickly to take advantage of the deal before the rest of the world sniffs it out. GamesDeal’s got a pretty tasty offer on the cards too, making the RPG shooter available for £33.29 here -- a great fallback if GamesPlanet sells out.

The Division for PS4

Unfortunately, it's slimmer pickings on the PS4 front. The best place to go for your hit of world-saving fun is ShopTo, which has The Division up for £39.85. However, if you happen to be a bronze, silver or gold member of the site, you can knock that price down a little further.

The Division for Xbox One

Again, ShopTo's the seller with the… mostess, selling the Xbox One version of the game for £39.85. Once more, you can knock a few more quid of that price if you’re a gold, silver, or bronze member of the site. Oh, and if you don't actually have an Xbox One to play The Division on, there's a £299.85 bundle up for grabs too.

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