The Chuckle Brothers are Shockingly Blood-Thirsty in Live-Action Hitman Game

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Chuckle Brothers, the mustachioed prototypes for Ant and Dec, have taken some time off from filming their never-ending run on Chucklevision to star in a new promo clip for game-of-the-moment, Hitman. Rather than play the game themselves, the UK's answer to the Mario brothers are instead the puppet masters of a live-action, interactive recreation of one of the game's missions. Ordering around a bald assassin, they make for surprisingly blood-thirsty participants.

Some highlights:

  • Paul chanting "to me, to you" as assassin Agent 47 garrottes someone. And then urging him to burn the body.
  • Paul commanding that 47 "takes out" a decorator, just because he doesn't like the look of him. And then requesting he kicks the dead body.
  • Paul ordering a silenced pistol shot hits its mark "between the eyes".
  • Paul shouting "hit her, hit her!" as Agent 47 spares a female decorator in the mansion.

And that's just the start of it. Paul man, it's OK. You can get help!

Seriously dark, especially for anyone who remembers them as a child back in their 90s heyday.

Next week: Andy Peters cracks open some graves and exhumes the bodies for a live-action take on Resident Evil. [YouTube]