The Huawei P9 Looks Like the Nexus 6P's Little Brother

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

While there were plenty of rumours suggesting that Huawei’s new flagship would launch at MWC last week, we weren’t especially surprised when it failed to show, with the Chinese company instead outing the Surface Pro-like Matebook. We now expect the Huawei P9 to land in late May, and prolific leaker Evan Blass has already managed to get his hands on unusually-clear pictures of the handset.

As you can see, it looks similar to the Nexus 6P, minus that rear camera bump. The P9, however, will be significantly smaller, squeezing in a 5.2-inch, Full HD display, a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, USB Type-C and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

There’s also a dual-camera setup on the back, with Blass calling out twin 12-megapixel sensors, and Huawei’s reportedly planning on releasing two versions of the smartphone. One would feature a Kirin 955 system-on-a-chip with 4GB of RAM, while the other, presumably cheaper model, would use a Kirin 950 with 3GB of RAM. [VentureBeat via Engadget]