The iPhone Could Get an Improved OLED Screen... Next Year

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Fresh reports suggest that Apple’s finally decided to embraced OLED technology for the iPhone. Unfortunately, the decision has almost certainly come too late for the displays to be included on the iPhone 7.

The word on the street is that Tim Cook and and his crew have told Apple’s display suppliers at LG and Samsung to ramp up OLED production, as they want the iPhone 7S to benefit from the technology. An OLED-toting iPhone has long been rumoured, and though Apple’s now believed to be all-in, it’s a shame to see that it could still be over a year off.

To date, the majority of rumours about the company’s next flagship have been, well, rather disappointing so far. No waterproofing? Super slimness at the expense of a headphone jack and (most likely) a larger battery? Everything’s merely hearsay right now, of course, but the sheer lack of positive news is getting ever-so-slightly concerning. [CultofMac]