The New Sky Kids App Launches Tomorrow (And Morph is Coming Back!)

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Sky has just revealed its new Sky Kids app, which will be available for free to Android and iOS users on a Variety (or more premium) bundle when it launches tomorrow. It's built for youngsters up to the age of nine, allowing them to easily track down and watch the shows and cartoons they love on one device.

Parents will need to set up profiles first, and can add up to 10 different users. Each profile can also be personalised. If you have really young kids, for instance, and don't want them being corrupted by Shaggy and Scooby, you can filter out the 'older' channels, such as Boomerang and Cartoon Network, leaving them with Cbeebies, Disney Junior, Milkshake! and Nick Jr.

From then on in, it's all down to the kids.

They can choose a Sky Buddy (that's an avatar, to you and me) and get bingeing. Designed by ustwo, the chaps behind Monument Valley, the app is colourful and image-based, with very little text. It's easy to navigate too, with straightforward swipes and taps allowing you to quickly browse through your favourite -- sorry, your kids' favourite -- TV shows.

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Disappointingly, Sky hasn't yet added the ability to download programs or set usage limits, but the company says these features are in the works. What is exciting, however, is the partnership with Aardman. Sky says it's working on original content creation, and will release a bunch of new episodes of Morph later this year. It's also cooking up some short films designed to encourage children to make their own movies at home.