The Problem With Teleportation

By Jennifer Ouellette on at

Teleportation is a safe, convenient mode of travel in the Star Trek universe. But what if the Star Trek transporter is essentially a “suicide box” instead? That’s the unnerving conclusion of a new animated video from CGP Grey about the trouble with transporters.

Think about it. All your atoms are scanned and destroyed in the process, because there’s no cloning allowed in quantum mechanics. Then all that information about you is teleported to the new location, where a bunch of new atoms are used to build a whole new you, complete with memories, personality quirks, and that oddly shaped birthmark on your left bum cheek. But is it really you in the truest sense of the word? How could you ever know for sure?

This is hardly the first time someone has pointed out that teleportation — as depicted in Star Trek or otherwise — comes with some serious adverse effects. But this video goes beyond the usual purely scientific discussion to delve into deeper metaphysical questions, like the philosophical puzzler known as the Ship of Theseus, and the problem of consciousness. Check it out.

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