The Unannounced New Google Glass is on Sale on eBay and Nobody Knows Why

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Google Glass timeline is a bloody confusing one, and it’s just become even stranger. After suddenly pulling its original high-tech piece of eyeware from the market last year, it quickly emerged that the company was working on a follow-up headset, which sounded very similar to the first.

Now it looks like that next-generation Google Glass is already on sale... through eBay, from a pawn shop. San Fran-based A-to-Z Pawnbrokers has listed an official-looking, unreleased version of the Google Glass headset that matches a December FCC filing for the new device on the e-commerce site, with prices starting at $7,200 (£5,000).

If it's a fake product, it's an extremely convincing one. The all-caps word 'GLASS' is printed on the side of the product, which also features a new hinge and charging port.

Neither the pawn shop nor Google have confirmed whether or not the device is indeed the next version of Google Glass, which has added an extra layer of excitement to everything. The listing is still live, so feel free to get involved. [eBay, 9to5Google]