The World's Largest Blue Diamond is Up for Sale (If You Have £31 Million)

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Fancy treating yourself? The world’s largest ever blue diamond is going up for auction on May 18th at Christie’s in Geneva. But you better have a healthy bank balance: It’s expected to sell for somewhere in the region of $45 million (£31.3m)

The stone — known as the Oppenheimer Blue, because it was previously owned by Sir Philip Oppenheimer who used to run De Beers — is a whopping 14.62 carats. That’s about a tenth of an ounce, if you’re not used to handling diamonds.

Its sizes is only part of the justification for the price tag, though. Its colour is the other major selling point: According to Bloomberg, only 0.0001 per cent of all diamonds that come out of the earth are blue. Better get the cheque book out. [Christies via Bloomberg]