There are Over 20 Billion Pixels in the Largest Photo of New York Ever Taken

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The Big Apple feels even bigger through the lens of Jeffrey Martin’s full-frame 50MP camera. This magnificent 360-degree panoramic photo of New York he created was assembled from multiple handheld shots. The final image measures a staggering 203,200 by 101,600 pixels in size — or just over 20 gigapixels.

If you live in New York, there’s a good chance you can see your house or apartment when zooming in on the interactive version of this photo over on 360cities. You could also just print it, but as Jeffrey points out, at a standard resolution of 300 dpi the single photo would end up being 57 feet wide and 28 feet tall 17 metres by (8.5 metres!). [360 Cities via Boingboing]