This is the Best Web Guide to Marvel Comics' History

By Gerald Lynch on at

We've all seen a couple of the Spider-Man films and, if you go by box office takings alone, it seems that pretty much every person in the western world with a pair of eyes saw the first Avengers film. But how many people have picked up the comics behind the silver screen adaptations?

With so many series, authors, story-lines and crossovers in Marvel's storied history, it can be daunting to dive into Marvel's comic book universe, and overwhelming once you're in it. Doing an excellent job of making sense of it all is, a wonderfully visual rundown of three quarters of a century of Marvel's output.

Covering more than 3,500 comics and 2,55-odd super heroes, it gives a year-by-year account of all Marvel comics published, including when new heroes and series were introduced, alongside character biographies and story-lines that they've appeared in.

Built using Marvel's own API, it's a little rough around the edges (there's a few spelling mistakes littered around for instance). But considering it has been made by just five students from the Hetic school near Paris in just four days, with a bit more time this could quickly become the web's go-to resource for all things Marvel. []

This post was first published in October 2014.

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