This is the Bike Set to Push Team GB's Cyclists to Olympic Glory

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

BAE Systems has revealed the new creation it hopes will power Team GB’s cyclists to gold medal glory at the Olympics this year, and it looks suspiciously like an exercise bike. However, appearances aren’t everything.

BAE Systems says its new advanced cycling ergometer is more accurate than anything that’s come before it, and will measure riders’ work-rate and energy expenditure, as well as replicate the centrifugal forces of a velodrome. It’ll collect key blood data too, and will also help the experts analyse individual cyclists’ technique, even when they’re going at it like the clappers.

“BAE Systems has created a portable and accurate system that we believe will be integral to the teams’ training regimes and will help us to achieve our medal winning target at the Rio Games,” said Paul Barratt, the GB cycling team's lead biomechanist.

Trainers will be able to mimic key variables, like resistance, gear ratios and even track types, simply by adjusting the blades on the fly wheel at the rear. In short, numbers and stats are going to become more ingrained in sport than ever. Come on Team GB.