Time to Scrap Fixed Line Rental, Says Ed Vaizey

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's ISPs and phone companies are being summoned to the government's media office, where they will be asked to come up with methods and systems that might completely do away with the idea of paying a fixed line rental fee for a home telephone -- even if you never use it.

The proposal has been uploaded to our brains via the mouth of Ed Vaizey, who, as the head of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, ought to have some weight when it comes to forcing comms companies to ditch the idea of paying for some wires to come into your house -- even though the same wires have been coming into your house through the same hole for decades so have presumably been paid for hundreds of times over already.

Reports say Vaizey has summoned the four horsemen of the internet -- BT, TalkTalk, Sky Broadband and Virgin Media -- to talks, where they'll be invited to come up with possible ways of binning the line rental element of our bills in the name of simplifying charging structures.

And even if it pushes up other prices that's fine, as it's clarity of cost that Vaizey wants, explaining: "You get these headline prices which are misleading. People should pay for what they use. If the companies come up with a different pricing structure, that is fine, as long as they can see what they are paying for. Some people want to get rid of their landline entirely and pay for their broadband."

It ought to make internet package adverts instantly a million times easier to comprehend, plus the thought of being £18 a month better off for going 100 per cent mobile could swiftly disrupt the UK's entire telecoms system. [BBC]

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