UK Police Increase Patrols Following Brussels Attacks

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's police forces and security services are increasing their numbers at airports and other travel hubs, in the wake of today's tragic attacks in the city of Brussels.

Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports have already announced there's going to be more security personnel around, with a Heathrow spokesperson saying: "In the light of events in Brussels airport, we are working with the police at Heathrow who are providing a high visibility presence."

Gatwick also says it has "increased our security presence and patrols" around the airport, plus the Eurostar is not running to Brussels today -- and the rail operator says those travelling by train to Paris might face an extra hour of delays due to enhanced security checks.

Counter-terrorism commissioner Mark Rowley explained more of what's being done around the UK, saying: "As a precaution forces across the UK have increased policing presence at key locations, including transport hubs, to protect the public and provide reassurance."

And there's special mention made of London, with Rowley adding: "In London specifically, the Metropolitan police service has mobilised additional officers, who will carry out highly visible patrols at key locations around the capital including the transport network. The number of officers deployed will be regularly assessed. These additional officers are deployed as part of reassurance measures."

Greater Manchester Police has a small token of reassurance for its residents, saying that "no specific threat" has been made to the city despite the enhanced security presence. [BBC]

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