VR Star Wars Game! There's a VR Star Wars Game!

By Gary Cutlack on at

The two most obscenely hyped things of the modern age may about to be smashed together to create the most exciting thing to ever happen to a sizeable chunk of humanity, with a trailer for a virtual reality Star Wars game/experience/tech demo being released by LucasArts and the Industrial Light and Magic Lab.

It would appear to be a trailer that was made live before anyone was prepared to make the actual announcement, as the clip, titled Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine VR, would surely warrant more interest from the people of the world than to be sneaked out without fanfare on some development portal.

In fact, the trailer was pulled shortly after appearing on the ILMxLab site but, what with the internet hating any form of control, it's been reuploaded by literally everyone with a functioning YouTube login today:

And it's the HTC Vive that is the beneficiary of this most exciting thing, which actually includes VR lightsaber fighting, the Falcon flying about, a real 3D VR R2-D2 to befriend and more. Suddenly that £700-odd asking price for the Vive seems like nothing. As long as it's a real thing and not just a tech demo. [YouTube via Polygon]

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