Want a Guinness World Record? Just Watch TV For Four Days Straight

By Tom Pritchard on at

Did you binge watch the new season of Daredevil in one sitting this weekend? I bet you feel like that's a long time to be sitting and watching TV, right? Hate to break it to you, but it probably doesn't even come close. The longest recorded TV binge is a whopping 92 hours. That's over three days of non-stop telly.

Five people in Austria have officially broken the record, sitting in front of their telly-boxes for the entire time. The only peace they were allowed was a five-minute break every hour. Presumably that was needed to evacuate all the caffeine they'd been drinking to stay awake.

Mortiz Arnold, who organised the event in a Vienna shop window, says that the record was recognised by the Guinness World Records, beating the previous record of 91 hours set in Toronto in 2014. Don't feel so guilty the next time you sit in front of Netflix all day. There's somebody much lazier than you out there. Or is there? Go make that record yours. [The Independent]

Featured image via Shutterstock