Watch NASA Launch a Crew of New Astronaunts to the International Space Station Live

By Gizmodo on at

The Soyuz spacecraft will be blasting off into space this evening—and pulling a crew of new astronauts up to the International Space Station along with it. Watch it happen live right here.

The new crew members of Expedition 48 will include NASA’s Jeff Williams (who is set to take over command of the station from NASA’s Tim Kopra in June), along with Oleg Skripochka, and Alexey Ovchinin of Roscosmos. The new crew will be joining Kopra, ESA’s Tim Peake, and Roscosmos’ Yuri Malenchenko who are already all living in the ISS. This launch will also start the clock ticking on a new space record: By the end of his 6-month stint at the ISS, Williams will have beat out Scott Kelly to become the American who has spent the most time in space.

The whole launch schedule is included below for you to follow along. Blast off starts at 9:26 pm (GMT), but there’s a whole host of pre-launch checks that you can watch if you tune into the broadcast earlier, when it kicked off at 8:30 pm (GMT). Then, come back at 2:30 am to see the crew dock, and after midnight to watch live as the hatch opens to the crew’s new home.

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