Watch SpaceX's Fifth Attempt to Launch Its Falcon 9 Rocket Live, Which Will Make You Question the Very Nature of Reality

By Ria Misra on at

For the fifth time in just over a week, SpaceX is trying to launch its Falcon 9 Rocket. Am I stuck in a timeloop? Is any of this real? Am I here? Are you?

SpaceX attributed the first four scrubbed launches to problems with their liquid oxygen system, heavy winds, and a boat straying too close to the launch zone. Alternately, we both died thousands of years ago and in this—our purgatory—we relive the same day over and over again. Having long ago been forgotten by an indifferent God above, we remain trapped here together forever in our time prison doomed to repeat, but never able to change, our interminable present.

In this, their fifth attempt, SpaceX will attempt to launch a communications satellite into the dark void above (in which we, too, drift alone) and then land itself on an ocean barge. No other rocket has ever successfully made an ocean-landing before.

All predictions (even SpaceX’s) suggest that a crash would be the most likely result of the new experimental orbit that’s being tested, if we still believed in reality—which I don’t.

You can watch the launch (or not?) right here at 11:35pm GMT. If time wasn’t an illusion designed merely to fool us into a temporary sense of being, we would remind you that the livefeed kicks off 20 minutes before that.