Waterworld for the Grandkids as Apocalyptic Sea Level Rises Predicted For Next Century

By Rob Cappellina on at

Despite Donald Trump’s best efforts to refute climate change, a new study suggests that the effects of global warming could be felt a lot sooner than anticipated.

According to a report published by Nature on Wednesday, ocean levels could rise three feet by 2100, increasing to a foot every decade by the middle of the 22nd century; double the rate of what the United Nations predicted only three years ago.

The cause of all this? An ice sheet in West Antarctica larger than Mexico, which unfortunately for the Republican candidate, no wall can stop. Scientists believe the sheet could disintegrate within decades due to the effects of current high-emissions, leaving near sea-level cities such as Sydney, New York and London vulnerable to drowning.

But there is no need to panic just yet; this is all just a worst case scenario, and even according to co-author David Pollard “we are not saying this is definitely going to happen”. But just like male pattern baldness for a politician, you can deny climate change, but if you don’t address it properly, the world will see it.

Hit the source for the full report. [Nature]