We Know How Much RAM the iPhone SE Uses

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Those cheeky so-and-sos over at Apple left a couple of key details out of the iPhone SE launch yesterday, one of which was how much RAM the handset runs on. However, an even cheekier chappy claims to have already put the SE through its paces, with AnTuTu apparently declaring that it uses 2GB of the stuff.

That would essentially make it the same phone as the iPhone 6S, size and shape aside, of course. The iPhone SE uses the same A9 processor and M9 co-processor as its 4.7-inch sibling, while pixel density and camera specs also match up.

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We’re yet to find out what the capacity of the SE’s battery is, though Apple says it’s longer-lasting than the one inside the iPhone 5S. The new 4.-incher is available for pre-order on March 24th, before shipping on March 31st. [Weibo via Slashgear]