Well These People Seem to be Having Fun in VR World

By Gary Cutlack on at

Developer Bandai Namco appears to think it has VR gaming cracked, demonstrating a concept known as Project I Can -- a VR game using HTC's Vive headset that takes advantage of its awareness of surrounding space to make everyday tasks a little more thrilling. As long as you can convince your brain that you're really in a VR world and not just standing in your living room looking like a bit of a plank like these people, it would appear to be a right old laugh.

Here's the video which may well convince you to re-examine your financial priorities regarding a purchase of an HTC Vive:

As to what the actual game looks like to the wearer... we have no idea. This is part of a VR ZONE trailer from Bandai Namco, one accompanied by the required Twitter presence that's teasing the creation of more augmented world VR scenarios -- but is equally short on actual grabs or footage of what the 3D stuff actually looks like. [Kotaku]

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