What Mars Would Look Like Mapped by Medieval Cartographers

By Ria Misra on at

What can one expect to find out on the dusty plains of Mars? This new map shows you through the eyes of a medieval cartographer.

The map is the work of Eleanor Lutz of Tabletop Whale, who used NASA data to complete the full map.

“I picked the style because I thought the project had a similar perspective as cartographers in the old days. We were both trying to draw new worlds that hadn’t been fully explored, with missing data and expeditions constantly bringing back new information,” Lutz told Gizmodo.

There’s been a series of newly-styled Mars maps lately—in addition to this one from Lutz, a recent ESA map showed Mars in a modern roadmap style. It’s not just a coincidence that Mars is suddenly the hot spot to map. It says something about the change in what Mars means to us.

Mars is no longer a distant, dusty planet on which we’re unlikely to ever step foot. Instead, it’s our close neighbour, and we’re beginning to imagine getting much, much closer to it—and possibly even living on it. As that future inches closer, our imaginations race to find a way to think about life on big red. Naturally, maps come to mind.What Mars Would Look Like Mapped by Medieval CartographersMars map, Eleanor Lutz