Windows 10 Anniversary Update Available For Free This Summer

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Microsoft has announced the next major update to Windows 10, which will land for free later this summer. The Windows 10 Anniversary update is set to arrive exactly a year after the operating system first launched, so pencil July 29th into your diaries.

A quick overview at Build 2016 shows that a feature called Windows Ink is set to become a major part of the platform. Microsoft really wants to push the stylus, and the impressive on-stage demos suggest it could succeed. With Windows Ink, your machine can recognise places and times in your notes to automatically set reminders, and you can draw a line between two pointson a map for instant directions. There's even a virtual ruler (trust us, it's cooler than it sounds)!

According to Microsoft, 270 million people are 'actively' using Windows 10, and hardware partners have launched more than 500 new devices designed for the operating system. "Windows 10 is off to an amazing start," said CEO Satya Nadella. "It's the fastest growing version of Windows for both consumers and enterprises."

Microsoft Edge is to support Windows Hello for websites, so you can log into websites with your face. Handy? Yes. Creepy? You bet. The Xbox One is getting the Windows 10 Anniversary update treatment too, though specific information isn't yet available. We'll keep updating our Build 2016 coverage as more announcements are made.