Your Neighbours Will Love an 11-Foot Tall Inflatable Pink Flamingo Perched on Your Lawn

By Gizmodo on at

If you’re looking for an easy way to troll your neighbours (besides leaving your Christmas lights up until June) you’re not going to do much better than an 11-feet tall inflatable neon pink flamingo perched in the middle of your front lawn.

Everyone knows the best way to deal with an annoying neighbour is to simply out annoy them, and as long as their front lawn isn’t covered in old cars perched atop cinderblocks, this pink eyesore will be $350/£242 well spent. Its base can be filled with water so it doesn’t fly away in the wind, and it can be inflated using the cool setting on a hair dryer so you don’t over-exert your lungs.

Assuming you don’t have a place in Florida, of course, where a giant 11-foot tall inflatable pink flamingo on your lawn will actually serve to boost property values around your home.

[Perpetual Kid via The Green Head]