Your Poor Dogs Must be Microchipped by April 6th, Or Else

By Gary Cutlack on at

All dogs in Scotland, England and Wales will need to have a microchip inside them by this April, as a law to save councils millions of pounds currently spent tracking and returning rogue animals is introduced.

The law will require every dog to have a microchip implanted into it, one containing the details of its owner. DEFRA says that the move could and should save local councils and animal welfare charities around £33 million a year in pet repatriation costs, with the menace of a £500 fine should a dog be found without a chip in it, meaning that 83 per cent of the country's 8.5 million dogs already have their compulsory ID chip stuck inside them.

Plenty of local animal groups are offering to implant dogs for free right now ahead of the deadline, although if you want one of the high-end chips with bark-to-voice translation and on-demand poo control it'll cost more like £200 and will need to be done by a DEFRA-approved roboticist in one of the national DEFRA Petting Clinics. [DEFRA via Telegraph]

Image credit: Chip My Dog

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