140 New Torrent Sites Added to UK's ISP Blockade List

By Gary Cutlack on at

The secretive body in charge of maintaining the UK's ISP piracy blocklist has dug out another 140 domains and subdomains that it would like access to curtailed, adding a few seconds of tedious Googling for alternatives to the process of stealing all the Batmans off the internet.

TorrentFreak has the full list of newly blocked sites, which includes some alternative links to well known destinations like popcorn-time.to and openbay.isohunt.to, plus numerous weirder guerilla subdomains that point to larger portals like eztv.unblocked.tv as a way of channeling traffic through.

One of the key targets appears to be popular proxy workaround site Unblocked, an aggregator that lists all the best current ways to access many of the best trackers. It's not a torrent tracker itself, with the copyright powers clearly deciding it needs to go simply because it's linking to sites deemed bad.

Unblocked has already moved to a new .tv domain, so anyone after it and its links will only have to look it up to find its new home. One of the site's admins told TorrentFreak the strategy isn't working, saying: "Our traffic data doesn’t show any major changes after our many domain changes. The same can be seen with our Alexa score in the UK." [TorrentFreak]

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