360 Camera Sphericam 2 Goes Into Full Production

By James O Malley on at

360-degree video cameras are coming, but they look set to be expensive, with Facebook's new camera set to be in excess of $30,000. So perhaps a new, young upstart might be about to challenge the behemoth.

Sphericam 2 managed to raise $450,000 via Kickstarter in 2015, and extra cash through outside investment enabling the company to put its camera in full scale production this summer.

The camera itself is about the size of a baseball and will automatically stitch together and live stream images captured on the cameras mounted on it. It contains six cameras, with a separate sensor each, 4 microphones and 8 different points in which you can mount a tripod. To store all of the footage it requires up to 6 simultaneous micro-SD cards, so it can handle ultra-large file sizes.

Impressively, it can shoot up to 4K and at 60fps and do it all for a tenth of the price of Facebook: It is set to retail for just $2500. It'll be interesting to see if it takes off.