A New 'Smart Road' Could Help Driverless Cars Go Mainstream

By Tom Pritchard on at

Highways England has announced a new initiative that would see funding allocated to a 'connected corridor' of road in the South East of England, and one expert claims it will help with the widespread adoption of driverless and connected cars.

Highways England's plan involves trialling a new portion of road with built-in Wi-Fi technology that will help improve the flow of traffic. This will help cars stay connected in order to provide drivers with up-to-date information, improve the flow of traffic, and generally make the roads safer for everyone.

These plans have been welcomed by Ben Gardner, an autonomous car expert at law firm Pinset Masons, who praised the initiative the government is making the UK a centre for the testing of autonomous car technology. He also noted that much of the hype behind autonomous cars is the cars themselves, but mainstream adoption will require the relevant infrastructure to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Meanwhile Highways England has pledged to work with both the government and the motoring industry to prepare roads for vehicles of the future. [Highways England via The Register]