Acer Unveils 'First Cycling Computer' That Automatically Uploads Video Based on Heart Rate

By Lee Bell on at

Acer unveiled a fresh bit of kit for avid cyclers at its annual bash in New York yesterday, dubbed “the first cycling computer”.

Looking like a smartphone when they had only just earned their ‘smart’ moniker, the Xplova X5 doesn’t earn any brownie points for design, but it does have quite a few nifty tricks up its sleeve.

The biking device not only records your standard fitness measurements but also boasts a built-in all-weather screen and 720p wide-angle camera so riders can video, view and share their travels and make fitness data more meaningful.

From its waterproof display, which apparently can still be used in torrential rain (we’ll believe that when we see it, thanks), riders can access loads of metrics at a quick glance: cycling speed, heart rate presented via connected wearables, cadence, strength gauge, and so on, all shown in real-time while they spin over the vista.

However, the really cool thing about the Xplova is the camera, as it allows riders to set different recording triggers. So instead of recording every second of a long bike ride, the Xplova X5’s algorithms kick in to record three-second video clips of the scenery based on pre-determined parameters like speed, GPS or even heart rate. That means it’ll record automatically at points that are actually exciting, told so by your racing heartbeat.

Users can then select and compile up to eight of these clips into a unique video, which can be uploaded to social media, which makes the whole sharing-your-fitness-data thing a little more visual, and a lot less boring for those it's forced upon.

Acer said it will be available from “quarter three”, though there’s no words on which regions will get this first or how much it’ll set you back. [Xplova]