Amazon's Launching a New Top-Level Kindle Next Week

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

They’re not exactly the sexiest devices on the market, but Amazon’s line of Kindle devices is still really important to the company. Let’s face it, nobody cares about eReaders unless they’ve got that A-Z smile slapped across their backsides, and Amazon would be mad not to cash in.

CEO Jeff Bezos has just dropped a juicy piece of news. According to the big man, Amazon’s on the verge of launching a new Kindle, and it’s going to be a high-end piece.

Early rumours suggest that the new kid on the block will be a replacement for the Kindle Voyage, Amazon’s current flagship eReader. Though it’s a fantastic handset, £170 is a bit much for an eReader that's well over a year old. More news is sure to be released in the coming days, and we'll be sure to pounce on it like ravenous eBookworms. [ArsTechnica]