Apple Continues Green Push by Scrapping Plastic Bags

By Rob Cappellina on at

Modern, sexy, progressive Apple has decided it’s time to start taking our planet’s plight seriously, and looks set to replace its plastic bags with paper ones. A leaked company-wide email titled ‘Goodbye plastic. Hello paper’ details the company’s grand plans.

The message reveals that Apple’s plastic bags will be retired on April 15th, and paper bags made from 80% recycled materials will be introduced. Staff have also been told to use up any remaining plastic bags before switching to plastic, and to encourage customers to be more environmentally-friendly by always asking whether or not they’ll need a bag before handing one out. Genius.

The Apple tree-hugging doesn’t stop there. It’s also introducing new 'Apple Renew' gift cards made entirely from recycled paper, for customers who choose to recycle their iOS devices in store. The company appears to be in the middle of a major green push right now. At last month’s iPhone SE launch, the company unveiled Liam, the real-life Wall-E.

This all represents a step in the right direction, but there are still question marks over Apple’s manufacturing ethics. Only in March the company said that it was 93 percent reliant on renewable energy sources, yet it continues to manufacture most of its handsets in China where aside from the employee protection scandal, most of its energy comes from coal. Ah well, out of sight, out of mind. [9to5Mac]