Apps, Games, Films and Events: What to Get up to This Weekend

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The weather forecasts predict a mix of shit and mediocre weather, but try to take some pleasure from the fact that it’s a Bank Holiday weekend. As the young’uns would say: Whoop Whoop! Go on, do a little shimmy.

We’ve gathered up the apps, games, movies and events you need to catch this weekend. We'll start with minimal effort.


Don’t tell me you missed Tom’s round-up again. What are you like? Well, the pick of this week’s haul is undoubtedly Heuristic Shakespeare - The Tempest. It’s the first of 37 Shakespeare-themed iPad apps designed to help demystify the works of The Bard and make them more accessible to, well, anyone who don't have an English Literature degree. Check it out, it’s got Sir Ian McKellen in it.

Honourable mentions for Scarlett for Chromecast, Cuvva and -- would you believe it? -- Instagram too, which has landed on Windows 10 Mobile. No joke.


As usual, we’ve seen shitloads of new titles land over the past few days, catering to users of every console under the sun. Well, the ones that matter. The pick of this week’s fresh faces is Hitman: Episode Two. The not-technically-a-brand-new-but-pretty-much-yeah game takes Agent 47 to Sapienza in Italy. Why? To assassinate everyone*, of course!

*Not actually everyone, as you’d end up getting a really shit score

If that doesn’t float your boat, there’s plenty more to get your fingers around, including:

Ori And The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition
Lost Reavers
Yo-Kai Watch
Stranger Of Sword City
Tales From The Borderlands


Captain America: Civil War. It’s out today and a cracking watch. Seriously, Gerald said so -- here’s our full review.

However, if watching a bunch of unnaturally-muscular grown men prancing around in animal costumes and pyjama-type things doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, the fun-, but ultimately not very memorable-looking Ratchet and Clank is also out today. A couple of cinemas are... yep, still showing The Force Awakens too, so feel free to do that again.


The Hoff is coming to town, and by town, we don’t just mean London, so refrain from flinging your keyboard at the screen. The hunky piece of hearthrob-shaped meat is doing a tour of the UK with a load of other celebs and racing drivers, as part of the Gumball 3000 Rally.

The event starts in Dublin's Merrion Square on Saturday, before the cars return on Sunday for the start of the actual "rally" part, which departs at 10am. They then head to exhibitions in Belfast (Sunday, Titanic Quarter, midday), Edinburgh (Sunday, Prince's Street, 6pm), Manchester (Monday, Etihad Stadium, 1pm) and finally London’s Regent Street from 5pm.

If you’re not sold by loud cars and rich people, why not take the kids to a London fire station to celebrate London Fire Brigade's 150th anniversary? Or watch a bunch of people in Brockworth roll big wheels of cheese down a hill and then chase them? There are also a couple of super-hip festivals in Leeds and Brighton, while Legoland Windsor’s gone Star Wars mad.

Enjoy the extra day off, and if that means doing none of the above, so be it.