April's Essential Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile

By Tom Pritchard on at

March is officially over, bringing us into the month of Spring cleaning, Fool's Day, 30 days, and Marvel's Civil War. But before we look ahead, we have to look back. March was a good month, wasn't it? We at Giz celebrated comics over the course of an entire week, Batman v Superman arrived and proved to be incredibly underwhelming, Apple released an old/new iPhone, and a smaller version of its big tablet (that's still bigger than its small tablet).

March also saw some great apps, so let's take a look at the best ones to get you through April.


Booyah Group Video: Some messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Twitter, don't have video calling, and if that's something you want then Booyah is for you. It lets you send a video call invite to your contacts, and as long as they have Booyah installed they can join you (and others) face to face. It currently works with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Twitter and Line. [Free]

My Permissions: Apps are pretty devious at taking permissions they don't need, and My Permissions lets you see exactly what's got access to what. You can't deny permissions to apps with it (sadly), but you can see which apps are putting your phone at risk and uninstall them there and then. My Permissions then suggests some safer alternatives so you aren't missing out on useful things. [Free]

Xcerpt for Twitter: Twitter's 140 character limit can be restricting at times, and what if you need to write more than there's room for? Rather than writing a string of tweets that can be hard to follow, Xcerpt lets you copy in text from somewhere and post it onto Twitter as an image for the world to see. There are no character limits in images, so this should sort out everything you need to say. [Free]

GoToMeeting (Beta): You don't need to collect people all in one place to have a meeting, because GoToMeeting makes it all possible using your mobile device. Join or host a meeting wherever you are, and see presentations, whiteboards, and handouts right there on your screen. So no need to put on trousers and head into the office anymore. [Free]


ThingThing Keyboard: Tired of your keyboard only being used for text and cartoon faces? What if you could access more important things from your keyboard without having to move to a different app? That's the idea with ThingThing Keyboard, since it lets you access your calendar, photos, files in the cloud, and more right there in your keyboard (often without having to have apps for third-party services installed). [Free]

Serial Reader: We all have busy lives, and don't get to read as much as we'd like. Thankfully Serial Reader makes finding the time to read classic literature easier than ever, letting you 'subscribe' to certain books and have a new instalment sent to you each morning. [Free]

Proton Email: We live in a world where encryption is more than useful, to keep the government snoops and other ne'er-do-wells poking their noses into our conversations. Proton Mail aims to make sure sending encrypted email is not a huge chore, sending end-to-end encrypted emails without having to jump through a bunch of hoops to do so. [Free]

Monogram: This is a more interesting way to show off yourself and your work, so think of it as a cross between a CV and portfolio condensed into a number of customisable grid of little boxes. Links, text, photos, you name it. Mongram then lets you send each grid to whomever you please. [Free]

Windows Mobile

Harvester Messenger: We all use a bunch of different ways to communicate with friends and family, and it can be difficult to have them all in one place. Rather than having to deal with a bunch of different apps, Harvester Messenger pulls in the likes of Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and more into a single app, and each one gets it's own tab. It uses a version of each app's mobile site as well, so you don't need to take up unnecessary space on your phone. [£0.79]

Glide: A handy little app that aims to make video messaging as simple and pain free as texting. This isn't designed for video calls, more sending short snappy videos with very little content. Just like a video version of a text message. [Free]

GAME Reward: If you still buy games at proper shops, chances are GAME is one of the places you browse. This app brings its reward scheme into the hands of Windows Mobile users, ready to earn them precious loyalty points. It also has access to the GAME, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo online stores, plus an AR feature that scans game barcodes and delivers more information about them. [Free]

2000AD: The official app of Britain's best known comic, this is here to make sure you have access to 2000AD wherever you are. It's got a great (but limited) selection of graphic novel collections to buy, back issues going back to 2003, as well as a subscription that lets you download the latest issues of 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine as soon as they're available. All downloads require a PDF reader to view, but they're also DRM free. [Free]