Behold, the Standing Desk Computer You'd Never Want to Spill Anything on

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Alright, standing desks might be bullshit, but we’re willing to ignore the science because, well, look. Lian Li’s created one that also happens to be a computer, and it’s a thing of beauty. Alright, its design is definitely going to split opinion, but you can’t say it isn’t striking.

The £1,269.99 -- I know -- DK-04 is out in May, and stands at between 780mm and 1,170mm tall. Built of glass, aluminium and iron, it looks like a hefty unit, and measures in at 1,200mm long and 750mm wide. It’s basically a dining table you’d be terrified of spilling anything on ever.

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Removing the lid will provide access to the innards, which include serious-looking fans, hard drive bays, I/O ports and expansion slots. There’s also support for a liquid-cooling system, so you can put together the monstrous machine of your dreams. However, bear in mind that the whole thing crumbles the moment you sit down. [Engadget]