Beyonce Lemonade Album Streaming is the Latest Tidal Exclusive

By Gerald Lynch on at

Looking for where to stream the new Beyoncé album Lemonade? Then you might have to reactivate that Tidal account, as it's bagged the exclusive streaming rights to Queen Bee's latest. Well, what did you expect with Jay-Z at the helm?

Though you'll be able to purchase Lemonade through iTunes and other download stores shortly, Beyoncé's picked her hubby's high-resolution music streaming service for those who want to pipe the new tunes directly over the interwebz. Subscribers of Spotify, Deezer and other Tidal rivals will miss out. The piece, described as a "visual album", will also feature movie-like segments and is Beyoncé's first record since 2013.

With Beyoncé one of the world's biggest stars, it's the latest in a string of high-profile exclusives that Tidal has secured, including Kanye West's latest, Life of Pablo. Last week, those looking to mourn the passing of Prince with some streamed tunes only had Tidal to turn to, too, with the Purple One's campaign for better streaming deals for musicians see him deem Tidal's service the only one meeting his exacting requirements.

While world-beating Spotify probably doesn't have much to worry about, it's a bit of a kick in the teeth for subscribers looking to house all their musical needs within one company's package. [Tidal]