BT Broadband, Landline and TV Prices Are Going up in July

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

In a late attempt to ruin summer for all of its customers, BT has announced price hikes across the board, which will come into effect on July 3rd. You might want to check out the price changes before, you know, booking any trips abroad or spending anything really.

The price of a call to a UK landline or 0870 number will rise from 10.24p a minute to 11p, with set up fees increasing from 17.07p to 19p. That means a one-minute call from a BT landline will now cost a minimum of 30p. Meanwhile, standard line rental is going up by £1 per month to £18.99 from £17.99.

With regards to broadband, standard and unlimited -- copper -- customers will each pay an extra £2 a month, while superfast broadband Infinity -- fibre -- customers will have to shell out as much as £3 more per month, depending on the package they're on. However, BT says it’s increasing Infinity broadband speeds from 38Mbps to 52Mbps to make up for the price rises, and standard customers are in line for a 20% extra usage allowance and security upgrades.

The cost of BT Sport is also increasing by £1 per month, though it will still be free for BT broadband and TV customers.

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“We realise that customers never welcome price rises,” said John Petter, chief executive of BT Consumer. “We have also done our best to ensure that all of our customers will get more value if their price is going up, and we know they want faster speeds and better online security from their broadband.”

BT's last price hikes came less than a year ago, in September. [Telegraph]