BT Forwarded All of its Users' Sent Email to One Guy's Inbox

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Oh dear, oh dear. BT this week managed to forward all outgoing emails from its customers’ accounts to one single address, belonging to a Steve Webb. The Register reports that many users noticed yesterday afternoon that their emails were bouncing back, with error messages explaining that they couldn’t be delivered to the email address

Brace yourself for the big twist: none of them were trying to contact Steve Webb the Second. Dum-dum-DUMMMM.

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BT, which has now fixed the problem, has explained that it was a result of testing that went pretty badly wrong. The only real good news is that the email address in question is an internal account that the company sometimes uses for testing. A real Steve Webb, however, is reported to have recently joined BT. That's one hell of an initiation. [The Register]