BT Triples Cost of Keeping Your Old Email Address

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're thinking of switching broadband provider away from BT and to some new superfast upstart promising all the internet delivered in the fattest pipe ever invented, there's a sting in the tail -- the ISP would now like a staggering £60 a year for the privilege of keeping your old email address alive and operational.

The option to use BT's email tools without having a BT internet connection has always existed under the guise of its Premium Mail service, which used to cost £1.60 a month -- added to your phone bill if you like -- for anyone who wanted to carry on using an old BT address. That's now about to explode in price to £5 a month, meaning anyone thinking about switching providers now has to think about whether it's worth the hassle of changing email address too, should they have been using BT's free option for the last decade.

BT says the changes and charges kick in from May 6, with the Premium Mail tool consisting of the exact same product as before, but with added financial menaces. [ISP Review via This is Money]

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