Buzz Lightyear Wins Battle for UK Driving Licence

By Gary Cutlack on at

After being denied a driving licence in the name Buzz Lightyear, Buzz Lightyear has now been granted a licence under the name. Because his name really is Buzz Lightyear.

Of course, Buzz Lightyear wasn't born Buzz Lightyear. He was born Sam Stephens, which is a pretty nice name, easy to spell and say, but he decided to change it to that of the Toy Story character as a bit of a laugh and to raise money and awareness for his chosen charity, Clic Sargent.

That certainly worked, as everyone's now talking about his battle with the DVLA to get Buzz Lightyear put on his licence. The DVLA initially refused, saying that allowing joke names to be used might somehow undermine the gravity of the institution; but it's now relented and issued Lightyear with his photocard.

Buzz told the Guardian: "The official reason given by the DVLA was that because it was a fictional character it would bring the company into disrepute if I went abroad. I said it wasn’t their decision, it is my name by deed poll -- it is not up to them to accept or reject that. There are plenty of Harry Potters in the world so they had no right to tell me I couldn’t have a driving licence in this name." [Guardian]

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