Can You Work Out the Apps Described in Apple's WWDC Teaser Poem?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple's posted a little poem on its WWDC invitational page, seemingly hinting at what content it might be showing off at its latest developer invitational. Don't get too excited, mind, it's all about Tinder, Vine and the usual suspects it promotes within its essential app showcase section.

Here's the thing. Print it out and tick them off when you've worked out what each thing refers to, if you're insanely bored and aren't paying for the paper and consumables:

Hello love at first swipe.

Hello other side of the road.

Hello yogi on my wrist.

Hello driver, fast as you can.

Hello workout in my living room.

Hello every pitch, every highlight.

Hello self-combusting selfies.

Hello double tap heart.

Hello rain in five minutes.

Hello 6 seconds of fame.

All of which would appear to refer to third-party apps, probably ones Apple's going to big-up at its presentation. If you want the answers, the spoilsports of Reddit have already cracked most of the descriptions.

As well as being an advert for the event, it's also an advert for ticket sales -- entering now gets registered developers in line for a ticket to attend, although recipients are apparently being pulled out at random for their chance to pay $1,599 to sit in a room and hear how wonderful everything still is. [WWDC via UKBI]

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