Clarkson's Top Gear Team Builds its Own Social Network

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jeremy Clarkson and his two supernumerary extra nipples are getting their own social network in which to offend vast swathes of people, one that'll be known as DriveTribe. That's not the name of the Amazon Prime show. Just the site.

DriveTribe wants to break down its subscribers into separate groups, so, for example, you might want to be part of Jeremy's tribe, meaning you'll be served news and features curated for that group, probably all featuring Donald Trump, explosions, sad trombone sound effects and cigars.

And if you're one of James May's followers you'll get endless Driving Miss Daisy memes, while Hammond's gang members will get... whatever Hammond thinks they deserve.

It's an entirely separate thing from the unnamed Amazon Prime show the three glorified cabbies are putting together. DriveTribe is being backed by -- as in partially paid for -- venture capitalist and entrepreneur Ernesto Schmitt, who, alongside the car-enthusiast trio and their fellow BBC escapee producer Andy Wilman, hopes to get other stars, bloggers and writers to lead a wide variety content gangs. There may even be a channel for women, featuring stuff like The 17 Best Flowers To Stick In Your VW Beetle's Flower Holder.

Hammond explained the plan to Variety, saying: "It presents an opportunity to get to a whole lot of people about a subject about which we are incredibly passionate, occasionally knowledgeable, and often quite stupid. Everything we’ve learned about it means we have the opportunity to connect with people many times and in many different ways."

And they're looking for people to help make it all work. [DriveTribe via Variety]

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