Comedian's Easy Listening Album Tainted by Death Metal Printing Error

By Gary Cutlack on at

Comedian Bernie Clifton, who was famous in the 1980s for riding around a pretend ostrich because we didn't have the internet or legal highs and would watch literally anything to pass the days, has been involved in a bizarre mix up with a death metal band.

A printing error with a batch of Clifton's CDs -- an album of big ballad cover versions -- resulted in the track listing being replaced with one from an album by a death metal band known as Abhorrent Decimation. The end result was that Clifton's covers of Lady in Red and Wind beneath my wings were replaced by weird metal song titles like the Decimation's Eternal repulsion, Souls of sedation and Odious, taken from the pale frowning men's album Miasmic Mutation. 

Clifton said he was initially "fuming" about the mix up, before changing his tone. After all, a man who rides a yellow ostrich clearly can't stay mad for long. Clifton suggested a team up, saying: "I got [the CDs] out the box and I looked on the back and here was the track listing of a death metal group. We could go on the road, me and the lads. We could do To Dream the Impossible Miasmic Mutation."

Bernie's back in the news and the CD manufacturing business again thanks to storming it on BBC talent show The Voice, which he appeared on earlier this year -- due to reasons we don't understand because we don't watch it because it's rubbish and it always clashes with sitting in bed looking at a mobile phone feeling sad all Saturday night. [BBC]

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