Connected Race Suit has NFC ID Chip for Correctly Identifying the Remains

By Gary Cutlack on at

A battle against piracy of expensive sportswear has been launched by Adidas, which has released what it calls a "smart suit" for high-end racing drivers who can convince their sponsors that they need to spend £8,000 on special race day overalls.

The Climacool Smart Suit has one quite clever trick -- an embedded NFC chip. As well as registering the owner's data, this also has the convenient option of verifying that the suit is a genuine Adidas product, which you really want to know when blowing numerous thousands of pounds on a pair of glorified dungarees. An app reads the data, making it a rare piece of clothing that actually requires a phone in order to... work.

Adidas says it got drivers in the Dempsey-Proton Racing, Abu Dhabi–Proton Racing and KCMG teams at the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championships to wear the thing last month, and no one reported being too hot or too cold or any unusual chafing, so presumably all was well.

Chris Nurse from Adidas partner Fyshe said: "With customers spending significant amounts on premium racewear, race boots and helmets authenticity is vital. Combined with the threat of driver disqualifications at major races due to non-authentic or non-compliant suits being presented at scrutineering, the Smart Suit can help eradicate this risk and ensure driver safety."

Future iterations that include more biometric data are also possible, although this model seems to be more about beating the counterfeiting workhouses.