Deadpool UK Blu-Ray Release Date Set for June 13 (and DVD, Too)

By Gary Cutlack on at

The list of extra stuff you'll be using to convince yourself that you need a physical copy of Deadpool on a shelf has been revealed, with the home release on Blu-ray format featuring a five-part, 80-minute documentary about the making of the entire project.

Plump for the Blu-ray and you also get the usual director commentary option, with Tim Miller joined by Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld for a distracting but hopefully illuminating chat while the film plays. It'll be just like being in the cinema with them, but without being able to lean over and offer them a handful of your exorbitantly priced Minstrels.

There will be a selection of deleted and extended scenes too, along with something they call Deadpool's Fun Sack. Could be a game, could be some images, could be anything. Most of the extra stuff is exclusive to Blu-ray, because there's more money in it for everyone to support a format that costs us more money to buy stuff on. If you want to help support this industry, Deadpool is out on home physical disc/box/inlay release on June 13 in the UK. [Twitter via Cnet]

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