Department for Transport Blew £70k on Snapchat Filters

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest chapter in the THINK! be-careful-at-driving campaign saw the government's road police buy some custom Snapchat filters earlier this year, filters that cost quite a lot of money for something everyone immediately identified as worthy, sensible advice, and therefore ignored.

The news comes from Buzzfeed, where it did one of those serious things it sometimes does to confuse everyone expecting embedded tweets about cat eyebrows, and asked the government via a Freedom of Information request to explain how much money it spent on a Department for Transport campaign against drug driving.

The answer was/is £70,000, money it handed to Snapchat in order to have it make a custom you-behind-bars filter to facilitate massive banter between you and your friends. Should you have the sort of friends who use Snapchat, which you probably don't.

The THINK! drug driving campaign hit Snapchat in March, alongside the suggestion that a "roadside swab" used by police now has the power to test if you were driving erratically due to drugs, or just always drive erratically because Top Gear said it was OK.

The DfT says it was a good idea to terrorise the youth via the chat medium so there, explaining: "The advertising channel mix for the THINK! drug drive campaign was chosen to maximise reach among the target audience. For example, Snapchat has 8 million UK users and indexes well with our young male audience." [Buzzfeed]

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