DJI's New Drone is the Most Powerful it's Ever Produced

By Chris Mills on at

Need to haul a heavy load through the sky? Then DJI may now have just the thing: the company claims the new Matrice 600 drone is the most powerful professional drone it’s ever produced.

The Matrice 600 is a drone built for serious work, like hauling very expensive camera kit for film-making and industrial inspection in absolute safety. That’s why it’s been designed to carry a maximum payload of just under six kilos. It generates all the required thrust using a six-rotor system, each of which is powered by an actively cooled motor.

Buried deep inside the drone is a new brain that DJI calls the A3 Flight Controller. As well as making sure the drone flies safely, it’s able to adjust flight parameters automatically based on different payloads. There are also six separate battery packs, too, which can be independently switched if one fails.

That stash of batteries will keep it aloft for a respectable length of time, though it will vary depending on the payload that’s being carried. A light camera could eke out battery life out to over 30 minutes, but DJI admits that hauling a RED EPIC will cut that to somewhere closer to 16 minutes.

All of this comes at a price, though, and that price is £3,999. But if you’re shooting video from drones for a living, that might be worth it. [DJI]